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Anonymous #OpSyria

Congratulations Mr. Assad!
You have now received the undivided attention of Anonymous.

As we know from your parliamentary speeches against the peaceful protest in Syria, you like a good
laugh. We do too. So here’s a joke we wanted to share.

Bashar al-Assad walks into an interview, and gets asked about his pre-dictator life as an eye doctor. Why
did he choose that profession? Because, our Bashar tells Vogue Magazine, “it’s very precise, it’s almost
never an emergency, and there is very little blood.”

Then, Bashar turns around to find himself in the midst of a general protest spreading across all Syria,
sends out his mercenaries to take care of the greatest emergency of his “Presidential” career, and
suddenly there is a whole lot of blood.

Good joke, no?

No. Mr. Assad, your unwillingness to heed the Syrian peoples’ calls for reform, your censorship of the
internet and media blockade, and your insistence on using brute force against peaceful demonstrators
is no joke. You have kidnapped young men and women in the light of day and dark of night, you have
tortured children and old men with everything from meat processors to electric tasers, you have
murdered countless innocent civilians on the streets and in your dungeons, and you have gone as far as
to bomb Syrian neighborhoods with army tanks.

We, Anonymous, guardians of the lulz, cannot accept a joke as bad as this. That is why we have set up

We are warning you, Mr. Assad, to stop terrorizing the Syrian people, to stop censoring the internet, and
to open up the country to the international media. If you do not do so then we are going to dismantle
the Syrian government’s online network.

Your fate is in your hands at the moment – one more wrong move and it’s in ours. This is not a joke. This
is real.

All those against censorship and injustice, join us. United we stand against the oppression of freedom and,
as always, the lulz.

                                        Knowledge is free.
                                        We are Anonymous.
                                        We are Legion.
                                        We do not forgive.
                                        We do not forget.
                                        Expect us.

Quando Anonymous attacca la la Tunisia, l’Egitto o la Siria sono tutti abbastanza contenti.

Quando attacca l’Italia o la Spagna un po’ meno.

Da “giovani attivisti della rete” diventano “criminali”.


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Il link è qui. `-+oo+:`` ...