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Cultura vs Legge 1-0


Una comparazione condotta intorno a due studi sulla condizione della donna in Medio Oriente (Freedom House e Gallup) giunge a un importante conclusione:

Public perception is not a good predictor of gender legal realities. This suggests that poor legal conditions for women in a given society are not necessarily a product of anti-women values in that society. The absence of a significant relationship between public perceptions and political realities points against the theory that culture is the driving force behind lagging gender progress. In some countries, like Lebanon and Morocco, which score well above the regional median on both the Gallup and Freedom House Indices, public perceptions reflect the more progressive gender based realities on the ground. In contrast, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and to a lesser extent Kuwait score below the regional median on both the Gallup and Freedom House Indices, suggesting that progress on gender justice in these countries requires not only political reform, but public education. In other cases, women’s legal status may actually surpass their society’s cultural norms, requiring a focus on public dialogue and education before more political reform. Egypt is perhaps the best example: It scores in the bottom five in the Gallup Gender Index and in the top five in the Freedom House Index. In other cases, reality lags public sentiment, requiring more effort toward legal and political reform. Saudi Arabia is an example of this.

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2 Responses to Cultura vs Legge 1-0

  1. letturearabe on 2010-04-02 at 08:49

    hanno scoperto l’acqua calda.

  2. Lorenzo Declich on 2010-04-02 at 12:04

    più o meno. E’ importante però sottolineare che ci sono arrivati ;)

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