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Friends of Yemen


E l’Italia, promotrice di “Friends of Yemen” cosa fa? Istruisce i guardiacoste yemeniti.

Britain aids Yemen development with 150 US$Source : UPI, 23/06/2010

Snaa’a-The British government announced it would deliver $150 million in aid to help Yemeni development, the Yemeni government announced.The British Foreign and Commonwealth office announced that Alistair Burt, the British minister for the Middle East, arrived in Yemen for his first official trip to the region.Burt said the bilateral economic and social ties between the British and Yemeni governments played an important role in the broader fight against terrorism.”Working together to address these issues is the best way to defeat terrorism within Yemen’s borders,” the British minister said.London said ahead of the visit that it was allocating $150 million to support the development of Yemen, Yemen’s official Saba news agency reports.Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, for his part, praised British support for democratic development in his country.”The U.K.’s relationship with Yemen is of great importance to me and I am glad of the opportunity to discuss with President Saleh the common interests we share, including tackling the economic and social challenges that Yemen faces,” the British minister added.

via Nasser Arrabyee: Britain aids Yemen development with 150 US$.

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