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Un barometro per la democrazia


A proposito di notizie che qui in Italia nessuno mai considera

ARI Launches the Arab Democracy Barometer

1 July 2010 , by The Arab Reform Initiative

The Arab Reform Initiative, in partnership with the Arab Barometer, has recently launched the Arab Democracy Barometer (ADB), a rich multi-country survey project on a variety of social and political issues that will be carried out in 10 Arab states: Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Bahrain and Palestine. The project is financed by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada and UNDP, who will use data from the surveys in its upcoming reports on Arab human development. The project seeks to measure and track over time citizen attitudes, values, and behavior patterns relating to pluralism, freedoms, tolerance and equal opportunity; social and inter-personal trust; social, religious and political identities; conceptions of governance and an understanding of democracy; and civic engagement and political participation.

The questionnaire to be used comprises around 75 questions. Data will be collected by country teams who will conduct face-to-face interviews, and representative national samples of men and women will be drawn using multi-stage area probability sampling. By working closely to enhance or develop the ability of local teams to conduct this type of research, the ADB project will significantly enhance the capacity of the Arab world to produce its own assessments of the changes within its societies.

The project will provide data for theory-driven scholarly inquiry and will create a database that will be of great importance to both academics and policy makers who are interested in measuring cross-nationally and over time the normative and behavioral orientations of ordinary men and women in the Arab world. In addition, ARI and the Arab Barometer will carry out specific policy outreach activities designed to share findings and insights with decision-makers as well as various members of civil society and the general public in order to inform policies and programs.

The next wave of survey will be conducted in the autumn of 2010, with the publication of results and launch of dissemination and outreach activities across the Arab world, Europe, and the United States scheduled for the beginning of 2011.

via Arab Reform Initiative.

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