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Wikileaks "arabo": Algeri (da al-Akhbar)


06ALGIERS605 Date03/04/2006 02:54 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) The GOA is committed to preventing Algerian
would-be foreign fighters from traveling to Iraq and to
breaking up networks recruiting foreign fighters of various
nationalities. Algeria continues to arrest persons traveling
with this intent and has won U.S. Government recognition for
being proactive and successful in its intelligence efforts
and information sharing. Ref B provides current information
from SIMO in this regard. تتمة

08ALGIERS198 Date22/02/2008 11:28 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(C) We and the Algerians are looking forward to your
visit next week. There was a prominent article about your
visit, generated with help from our PAO, in best-selling
el-Khabar newspaper on February 21. You will be visiting
just as the government machine is gearing up to amend the
Algerian constitution to enable President Bouteflika to run
for a third term in 2009. There is no strong, influential
voice criticizing this effort; only small parties and a few
notable individuals have spoken against the building momentum
(ref A). تتمة

08ALGIERS663 Date05/06/2008 04:23 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: The Core EAC met on June 5, 2008 to
discuss the double bombings that occurred on June 4 and to
determine what implications, if any, this incident has on the
upcoming International Trade Fair being held from June 7-13
at the SAFEX Exhibition Palace in Algiers. Present for the
meeting were AMB, RSO, GRPO, POLEC, LEGAT, PAO and CONS. تتمة

08ALGIERS793 Date14/07/2008 04:59 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) In response to reftel, according to available
information the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) has not been
involved in terrorist activity during the period 2003-2008.
Algerian sources share GRPO analysis that the GIA no longer
has a formal leadership structure; however, they tell us that
GIA elements and some of its former leaders are still alive,
active and as yet unaffiliated with Salafist Group for
Preaching and Combat (GSPC) or Al-Qa’ida in the Lands of the
Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). تتمة

08ALGIERS913 Date17/08/2008 05:39 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) SUMMARY: Charge convened a full EAC July 17 to
discuss recent Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) attacks
and threat reports. In attendance were RSO, MGT, GRPO, PAO,
GRPO reviewed current AQIM threat reports. RSO provided
statistics detailing terrorist incidents in Algeria from June
through August. تتمة

08ALGIERS1286 Date10/12/2008 04:22 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) DCM convened the Emergency Action Committee on
December 7 to discuss the Embassy’s security profile in view
of the impending anniversary of the December 11 attacks in
Algiers and recent threat reporting. The EAC discussed the
symbolism of conducting an attack on or around the mentioned
date and reporting regarding a potential attack during the
early part of December. تتمة

08ALGIERS1329 Date22/12/2008 05:23 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(C) SUMMARY: The Algerian police have provided Embassy
with specific and credible information concerning a possible
imminent suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device
(SVBIED) attack against the U.S. or French embassies in
Algiers. The EAC convened twice on December 22 to review the
information, police activities in response, and appropriate
changes to Embassy security posture. As a result, the
Embassy reconfigured its observance of the Christmas holiday
to conform with Department guidance in ref B, and will
consequently be closed for the holiday from December 23-26. تتمة

09ALGIERS106 Date29/01/2009 01:02 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
S/NF) The ABC News story reporting alleged sexual
misconduct by the Algiers chief of station first appeared in
Algeria the morning of January 29 on the electronic news
journal Tout Sur l’Algerie. The story aired late enough in
the U.S. on January 28 that it did not appear in the January
29 Algerian print media, though we expect it to run later in
the day on the Arab satellite networks and possibly on
Algerian television, with subsequent appearance in the
Algerian print media on Saturday, January 31. تتمة

09ALGIERS107 Date30/01/2009 05:45 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) As of Friday afternoon, January 30, there has been
effectively no Algerian public reaction to the January 28 ABC
News story (reftel). This could change in days to come
depending on media coverage and government response. Initial
government response, per reftel, has been restrained. We
have received numerous press inquiries from Algerian and
international news outlets, and we expect the story to
receive heavy coverage in the January 31 print media, as
newspapers do not publish on Fridays and the story broke too
late in the day on January 28 to make the January 29 Algerian
press. تتمة

09ALGIERS115 Date01/02/2009 07:00 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) SUMMARY: Ambassador Pearce chaired an EAC meeting
on January 31 to review the fallout from the ABC news story
related to a former Embassy officer who allegedly drugged and
raped two Algerian nationals (reftels). Because of the
Algerian weekend, the story did not break in the local press
until January 31, at which point it was the leading
front-page story in most daily papers (ref A). تتمة

09ALGIERS119 Date02/02/2009 06:35 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) SUMMARY. Although initial public and government
reaction to the ABC News story regarding misconduct by a
former Embassy officer (refs A and B) has been polite and
restrained, the medium-term impact on our image and public
outreach activities may be linked to how the judicial process
plays out. We will have to closely monitor media trends,
government signals and public reaction for months. تتمة

09ALGIERS224 Date03/03/2009 06:18 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(SBU) Algeria is a nominally secular state with a 99-percent
Muslim population. There are no identifiable ethnic or
religious communities that harbor anti-American sentiments
atypical of usual public opinion. Discord among the general
population is palpable, owing to the increasing cost of
living, scarce opportunities for employment or upward
mobility, distrust of the political process and the
government, limited access to decent health care,
dissatisfaction with the educational system and the lack of
affordable housing. تتمة

09ALGIERS948 Date25/10/2009 09:28 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) SUMMARY: Algerian Minister Delegate for Defense
Guenaizia told visiting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
(DASD) Ambassador Vicki Huddleston October 19 that the
Algerian, Mauritanian, Nigerien and Malian chiefs of staff
had agreed to set up a regional command for joint counter
terrorism operations at Tamanrasset in southern Algeria. He
indicated the command could eventually be expanded to include
Libya, Burkina Faso and Chad. تتمة

09ALGIERS1162 Date30/12/2009 04:33 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) OSC Chief delivered reftel request for EP-3
overflight permission to the Algerian Defense Ministry’s
Office of External Relations and Cooperation (DREC) on
December 29. There was no immediate response, but the DREC
summoned OSC Chief for a follow-up meeting December 30 to
state that (1) no decision was possible before next week and
(2) overflight requests generally require two-weeks advance
notice before they can be approved. تتمة

10ALGIERS20 Date06/01/2010 05:38 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document summary
S/NF) MFA Americas Director General Sabri Boukadoum
expressed to the Ambassador January 6 the GOA’s “profound
dismay” regarding Algeria’s inclusion on the TSA list for
enhanced screening. He said this message came directly from
President Bouteflika. The TSA decision, Boukadoum stressed,
did not accurately reflect the level and quality of our
bilateral relations, especially in regard to counterterrorism
cooperation. تتمة

10ALGIERS39 Date12/01/2010 05:50 OriginEmbassy Algiers

Excerpt from document summary
(S/NF) Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci January 11 summoned
the Ambassador and forcefully objected to Algeria’s placement
on the TSA enhanced screening list. He termed the decision
intolerable, inappropriate, and inopportune. It reflected
neither the reality of Algeria’s security situation, its
counterterrorism efforts nor our close bilateral cooperation.
Further, the U.S. had not communicated the TSA decision to
Algeria prior to releasing it to the press, which was how the
GOA had learned of the measure. تتمة

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