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Wikileaks “arabo”: Tripoli (da al-Akhbar)


09TRIPOLI920 Date18/11/2009 04:08 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: Over the last six months, an American
investment consultant has managed to connect himself to Muammar
al-Qadhafi’s exclusive inner-circle through one of Qadhafi’s
longtime female protocol staffers. Through her, the investor
has gained access to Qadhafi on numerous occasions, including
during his September visit to New York. تتمة

09TRIPOLI924 Date19/11/2009 03:52 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: Muammar al-Qadhafi’s recent appointment of
his son Saif al-Islam as “General Coordinator” and attendant
indications of a succession plan have stirred up old rumors of
rivalry between seeming frontrunners for the throne, Saif
al-Islam and his brother, National Security Advisor, Mutassim
al-Qadhafi. تتمة

09TRIPOLI938 Date25/11/2009 01:59 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: Following a four-day standoff, the Russian
plane scheduled to remove Libya’s last remaining HEU spent fuel
stores departed Libya without its cargo. Despite bilateral
agreements with the U.S. and Russia — and intensive outreach
efforts by the U.S. and Russian Ambassadors — Libyan officials
unexpectedly refused to allow the HEU to leave the country. تتمة

09TRIPOLI941 Date30/11/2009 05:19 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi told the Ambassador
November 27 that Libya had halted the shipment of its final HEU
stockpiles because it was “fed up” with the slow pace of
bilateral engagement. Saif claimed that Libya had not received
the “compensation” it was promised in exchange for an end to its
WMD programs, including cooperation in the military, security,
nonproliferation, civilian-nuclear, and economic spheres. تتمة

09TRIPOLI942 Date01/12/2009 05:21 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: The two detained Swiss citizens, now held in
Libya for approximately 16 months, were each sentenced to16
months in prison by a Libyan immigration court on November 30.
According to Swiss Charge Stefano Lazarotto, the Swiss citizens,
who were sentenced in absentia, most likely will not leave the
embassy to attend hearings for tax-related violations, scheduled
for December 5 and 6. تتمة

09TRIPOLI943 Date01/12/2009 05:28 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Pol/Econ Chief met MFA Americas Acting A/S-equivalent
Mohamed Matari December 1 to convey our serious concerns about
the security of the seven HEU-filled casks at the Tajoura
Nuclear Facility. Matari dismissed U.S. concerns, stating there
was “no one sophisticated enough” in Libya to be able to do
anything with the casks and that the chances of anything
happening were very low. تتمة

09TRIPOLI950 Date07/12/2009 04:14 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: Visiting DOE experts confirmed December 6
that the Libyan Government had taken the requisite steps to
increase the security of the seven casks of HEU, and that the
contents — and IAEA seals — remained unchanged since the
shipment was halted November 25. تتمة

09TRIPOLI955 Date09/12/2009 03:56 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: Six leading members of the Libyan Islamic
Fighting Group (LIFG) imprisoned in Libya recently issued a
417-page document renouncing the use of violence and
establishing a new “code” for jihad. The group includes LIFG’s
“founding fathers,” individuals with ties to Al Qaeda in the
Islamic Maghreb’s (AQIM) senior leadership, including the elder
brother of Abu Yahya al-Libi, a leading AQIM figure. تتمة

09TRIPOLI960 Date14/12/2009 09:05 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: During recent meetings, Saif al-Islam
al-Qadhafi’s staff has shown an increased interest in bilateral
military and security issues, particularly requests linked to
Captain Khamis al-Qadhafi, including purchases of helicopters
and “Tiger” vehicle components, and M113 refurbishment. Saif’s
staff also indicated Libya was interested in purchasing French
SCALP cruise missiles to replace its SCUD Bs. تتمة

09TRIPOLI966 Date15/12/2009 04:09 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) The Russian Rosatom Agency reported to DOE officials
today that it had received a letter from Libya’s Tajoura Nuclear
Research Center informing the Russians that the Libyan side had
received the necessary approval to allow the shipment of Highly
Enriched Uranium to proceed for transfer to Russia. تتمة

09TRIPOLI1021 Date20/12/2009 02:50 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(C) Summary: Human Right Watch’s December 12 launch of its
latest report on Libya — the first such launch in-country —
provided an unprecedented public forum for discussion of Libya’s
past abuses. The event degenerated into a shouting match
between regime critics and supporters, some of which appears to
have been scripted. تتمة

9TRIPOLI1022 Date20/12/2009 03:06 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) After raising a sensitive proposal on another topic
(septel) during their hastily-called late Friday evening
meeting, and only in response to the Ambassador’s insistence
that the HEU issue be raised, Foreign Minister Musa Kusa told
the Ambassador on December 18 that there would be “no problem”
regarding the planned December 21 transfer to Russia of Libya’s
remaining Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) spent fuel. تتمة

09TRIPOLI1024 Date21/12/2009 03:04 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: The Swiss Charge in Tripoli, Stefano
Lazarrotto, expressed cautious optimism that the bilateral
crisis with Libya had seen measured improvements. On December
15, the GOL issued a visa to a Swiss diplomat assigned to work
in Tripoli, and in exchange, Switzerland issued a visa to a
Libyan diplomat assigned to work in Bern, as part of a “deal”
struck between the Charge and Libyan MFA. تتمة

09TRIPOLI1025 Date21/12/2009 04:26 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) On December 21 at 0515, a Russian-chartered plane
took off from Tripoli with the seven casks containing Libya’s
final Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) spent fuel stocks.
Department of Energy (DOE) staff in Tripoli confirmed that the
flight arrived in Russia at 11:15 local time. تتمة

09TRIPOLI1036 Date23/12/2009 09:46 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Rumors persist that Libya is seeking an unprecedented
second consecutive term as African Union Chair, driven largely
by its continued “dinar diplomacy,” much of it delivered by
personal envoys of Muammar al-Qadhafi. Recent gifts, both
public and discreet, to member states have been interpreted by
some diplomatic missions as part of an orchestrated campaign to
insert Libya into position above Malawi or its Southern Region
neighbors. تتمة

10TRIPOLI8 Date07/01/2010 03:16 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(C) The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Libya, Dong
Hee Chang recently told the Ambassador that his country was
interested in advancing its civil nuclear cooperation with Libya
and wanted to know if the U.S. had any objections. تتمة

10TRIPOLI18 Date10/01/2010 03:01 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(SBU) Visas Viper committee met on January 4, 2010. DCM,
POL/ECON, RAO, PAO, DAO, RSO, and CONS attended. تتمة

10TRIPOLI91 Date01/02/2010 04:13 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: In a January 31 ruling, the Libyan
Immigration Court acquitted Swiss businessman Rachid Hamdani of
immigration violations and lifted his 16-month prison sentence.
Verdicts are expected in Swiss businessman Max Goeldi’s
immigration appeal, as well as the separate tax cases against
the two men, by February 7. تتمة

10TRIPOLI95 Date02/02/2010 02:08 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary. According to a local political observer with
access to the Qadhafi regime’s inner circle, the family has been
in a tailspin lately, trying to put a stop to one rumor or
another, in the name of defending the family’s honor. From
Mutassim al-Qadhafi’s headline-grabbing St. Bart’s New Year’s
Eve bash to Hannibal’s latest violent outburst, the Qadhafi
family has provided local observers with enough dirt for a
Libyan soap opera. تتمة

10TRIPOLI96 Date03/02/2010 03:59 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: During a January 27 meeting with the
Ambassador, Dr. Ali Gashut, Head of the Libyan Atomic Energy
Establishment, reiterated the GOL’s keen interest in seeing the
regional Nuclear Medicine Center (NMC) project completed. تتمة

10TRIPOLI113 Date10/02/2010 08:52 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S/NF) Summary: In a nod to his father’s dream to serve as
grand regional mediator, Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi appears to be
increasingly interested in helping to broker reconciliation
between Fatah and Hamas, possibly in hopes of achieving a
compromise prior to the Libyan-hosted Arab League Summit in
March. تتمة

10TRIPOLI115 Date11/02/2010 03:54 OriginEmbassy Tripoli

Excerpt from document
(S) Summary: In a February 9 meeting with the Ambassador,
the head of Libya’s Scud B destruction program, General Ahmed
Azwai, insisted that the USG was mostly responsible for Libya’s delayed fulfillment of Scud B destruction commitments. Azwai
blamed the USG for hampering Libyan efforts to find a Missile
Technology Control Regime (MTCR)-compliant alternative weapons
system to replace its Scud B stock and refused to discuss a
destruction timeline until Libya acquires a replacement system. تتمة

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