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[was] appunti e note sul mondo islamico contemporaneo

Operation: Bahrain


Arrivano quelli di Anonymous.

Il loro target è http://www.bahrain.bh (port 80), cioè la porta web del regno.

E io non riesco a connettermi a http://www.bahrain.bh

Provate anche voi.

Ecco il testo di “Operation Bahrain”:

Dear Free-Thinking Citizens of THE WORLD,

The Bahrainian government has shown by its actions that it intends to  brutally enforce its reign of injustice by limiting free speech and  access to truthful information to its citizens and the rest of the  world. It is time to call for an end to this oppressive regime. The most  basic human right is the transparency of one’s government, and  Bahrain’s is no exception.

By interfering with the freedom to hold peaceful protests, the Bahrainian government has made itself a clear enemy of its own citizens and of Anonymous. The actions of this regime will not be forgotten, nor will  they be forgiven.

When people are faced with such injustices, Anonymous hears those cries, and  we will assist in bringing to justice those who commit criminal acts  against the innocent. We will not remain silent and let these crimes  against humanity continue. The attempts to censor the Bahrainian people from the Internet – which prevents them from communicating their  struggle to the outside world – are  despicable stratagies and show the  cowardness of this regime, as well as the measures they are willing to  take to cover their crimes.

To the people of Bahrain: We stand with you  against your oppressors. This is not only your struggle, but one of  people who are struggling for freedom all over the world. With the  recent success in Tunisia and Egypt, we believe your revolution will  succeed. Your brave actions will maintain the momentum of revolution for  citizens all around the world wishing to regain their own freedoms.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Ecco la versione in pixel:

Un video:

C’è un’immagine qui, che consiglio a chi è sensibile di non vedere.

Questa qui, invece, è un bel messaggio a Bernie Ecclestone e al suo simpatico Gran Premio:

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  1. letturearabe on 2011-02-17 at 16:21

    questo anonymus mi piace troppo

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