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Halal Uganda


40 milioni di dollari per avviare la produzione di carne halal in Uganda. Il progetto è iraniano.

I musulmani in Uganda sono il 10,6% della popolazione. Solo metà della carne halal prodotta andrà nel mercato interno.

Uganda’s meat industry is on the verge of a major transformation after a joint venture between the Ugandan government and Iran was set up to construct a modern abattoir.

The Uganda Modern Halal Abattoir is being set up at Nakirebe, 17km along the Kampala-Masaka road, by Iran-registered Halal Meat Co Ltd, supported by the Uganda Investment Authority. Halal has been registered in Uganda by Zanjan Cooperative Foundation. It is a joint venture of the Iranian and Ugandan governments.

An official statement dated June 6 said the project’s objectives are to encourage quality improvement in the livestock sector, promotion of meat production for both the local market and for export and value addition.

The first phase of the project will be completed in 18 months and will directly employ 130 people and benefit thousands of others involved in the livestock sector across the country, noted the statement.

The first phase targets the slaughter and processing of 200 cattle, 500 sheep and 500 goats per day. Half of the meat will be sold locally and the rest will be exported. Muhammed Mousabi, the chairman Halal Meat Co said the project is estimated to cost up to $40mln in total.

viaBehalal.org | Iran Invests $40mln to Develop Uganda’s Halal Food Industry.

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