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Al-Qaeda, the Benghazi attack, and the “Arab Spring”


According to FNews Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamouda ben Qumu would be involved in the deadly attack to the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

Ben Qumu is a Gitmo ex-detainee, or “Guantanamero” as I call them.

He’s sometimes referred to as the “Osama bin Laden’s driver”.

The Guantanameros are a story apart.

Having experienced Guantanamo, they are often recidivists. Other jihadists, for example Abd el-Hakim Belhaj, didn’t suffer that kind of brain washing.

They are recidivists in their hate against America and the West, whereas other jihadists often reinvented themselves as “patriot jihadists”.

I have been /tracking down Ben Qumu’s activities since February 2011.

He was freed by Gheddafi in September 2010 following a “program” implemented by Sayf al-Islam Gheddafi, the beloved son of the defunct Moammar, whose main goal was “rehabilitate” the Libyan terrorists of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

Ben Qumu was handed over to Gaddafi by the Americans in 2008 and then released.

We meet him again in October 2011, shortly after the fall of Tripoli.

As the Italian journalist Gianni Cipriani wrote:

among those fighting against Gheddafi there are numerous salafists. Useful fighters during the war, they are now dangerous. Among them we find the chief of Tripoli salafists, Suffian al Gomma, who was arrested by the NTC and brought to Benghazi for an interrogation. They suspected him to be in possession of some of those missiles [stolen from Gheddafi’s arsenals], which were hidden in Derna, a town in the Eastern part of the country. The interrogation of Suffian did not lead to anything useful to solve the mystery. The man said that, if left free, he would leave Libya to fight in Afghanistan. Some NTC members want to kill Suffian and his peers, while others are opposed to this choice as they fear an escalation of violence and a new civil war […]

Suffian al Gomma is Ben Qumu. We know he never left Libya – so he lied. He took refuge nearby Derna, his hometown (1959), where he has been setting up his own brigade. In July this year, a few days before the Libyan election, we met again Ben Qumu, just right there in Derna.

David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times, writes he’s active there, he’s heading a group of Salafis. Al-Hasadi, a  jihadist who decided to fight on the NTC side and who knows him well, is trying to convince him to stop invoking the Islamic Emirate and accept the democratic process. It seems that people is generally with al-Hasadi, but Ben Qumu does not want to abandon armed struggle. Kirkpatrick tried to meet him, but:

Approached by a Libyan intermediary working for The New York Times, Mr. Qumu shouted “Go to hell!” through his door. “I was in Guantánamo for six years, and the Americans weren’t interested in talking to me! Why would I talk to an American now?”

According to the Long War Journal, Ben Qumu would be at the head of a brigade entitled to the Ansar al-Sharia, identified as an al-Qaida-linked group and indicated as responsible for the attack in Benghazi. The Ansar al-Sharia denied its involvement, but given the Ben Qumu’s lies, we should not trust what they say.


Much has been said about the so called “Arab Spring” enabling the forces of the Islamic extremism.

The uprisings in the Arab countries, however, targeted regimes, not America and the West.

If  FNews is right, we are dealing with a story that has nothing to do with the “Arab Spring.”

Here is a former Guantanamo prisoner, probably the driver of Osama bin Laden, freed from Gaddafi, who goes against the Americans in one very symbolic day, 9/11.

I cannot see something more “pre-revolutionary” than this.

To those who say “if there was Gaddafi this would not have happened,” I say that, if necessary, Moammar would have provided Ben Qumu with another American target.

Maybe not in Libya, of course.

[thanx to Paolo d’Urbano]

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