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China cena halal


Pare proprio che il businness del cibo halal sia percepito ormai in tutto il mondo. Qui il sindaco di Taichung City esprime il desiderio di organizzarsi per ottenere certificazioni halal e quindi aprire il mercato, facendo presente che uno snack da un agrume che cresce nella sua contea ha venduto come il pane in Malesia dopo aver ricevuto la certificazione.

Mayor vows to help businesses obtain halal certification

2010/08/09 22:47:12

Taipei, Aug. 9 (CNA) Taichung City Mayor Jason Hu pledged Monday to help farmers, food processors, restaurant owners and hotel operators obtain halal certification to help them attract Muslim customers.

Hu, who recently headed a delegation of officials and businessmen from Taichung City and County to Malaysia and Indonesia, said halal certification can help local companies reach out to more than 20 Muslim countries with a combined population of over 1.5 billion.

Getting a food product halal-certified means it conforms to Islamic law and can be ingested by Muslims.

Hu said a snack made from ponkan mandarin oranges grown in Taichung County has enjoyed brisk sales in Malaysia after acquiring halal certification earlier this year.

According to Hu, foodstuffs carrying halal certification issued by Malaysian religious authorities can be sold in 24 Muslim countries, but those with halal certification issued by the Taichung Mosque can only be offered in a few Muslim countries.

Hu said Taiwan’s representative office in Malaysia has collected extensive information on how to help local food processors obtain halal certification.

Taiwanese food processors may also set up factories in Malaysia to facilitate their attempts to penetrate Muslim markets, he added.

With increasing numbers of people from Malaysia and Indonesia visiting Taichung on vacation, Hu said, the city government is also encouraging local restaurants and hotels to apply for halal certification

viaMayor vows to help businesses obtain halal certification – CNA ENGLISH NEWS.

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4 Responses to China cena halal

  1. Stefano on 2010-08-10 at 19:20

    Beh, se i musulmani dimostrano la stessa peccaminosa passione per il cibo cinese degli ebrei… (esistono decine di barzellette ebraiche sul tema)

    • Lorenzo Declich on 2010-08-11 at 06:44

      E fatte le dovute proporzioni fra numero di ebrei e numero di musulmani…

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